Jan Lunge

w65 Keyboard Build

2022/08/25 - Jan Lunge

a handwired 65% keyboard with 2 rotary knobs and led front panel


this build is done with the teensy lc, ws2821b leds, 2 rotary encoders and everything else is just handwired together rgb the front panel has addressable leds so that each led can be controlled separately parts the 3d printed case having a top and bottom part and a back piece that get glued together and then a small diffuser for the led panel in the front

files can be found on githubprint printing the case is mostly without supports just for the diffuser spacing the is a bit of support on the build plate

the usbc to microusb adapter used is this one https://www.amazon.de/-/en/gp/product/B07MYWT4GK/