Jan Lunge

w3by2 the 3D printed macropad

front ok so this whole thing took quite a while to make and there were a lot of iterations to get to this design, while there is still room for improvement I think now is a good time to publish this version.

so I wanted to create a 3D printed hotswap plate so that I can start with a prototype frame and check if my design makes sense and try it without having a hard time swapping the frame for a new version, so this is a hotswap plate that integrates the diode and does not need soldering to connect rows and columns together (while you can still solder the connections where the clips are and use them like regular hotswap plates) back

I built 2 versions, one for the MX switches and one for choc switches as I primarily use choc switches for my custom builds.

I got a lot more information about how this works in my Youtube video about them https://youtu.be/v9r5DKZLz68

promicro pinout