ESP Matrix display

here is my Arduino Project for the ESP8266

second responsiveness & app transitions

download the Arduino Project here. would be cool if i hear from you if do do something cool with it. as always


wSplit Keyboard

this is the split keyboard i build to have a still portable version of the planck as a split keyboard while gaining some perks from my expieriences from the ergogoxthanks to /u/winterNebs for the tip with homerow modifiers and of course vladislav for writing it:

(v1) here are the fusion360 file, the keymap.c and a folder of my simply modified lets split keyboard in qmk in case i forgot something im using the rev2 folder.

oh yeah license stuff

do whatever you like with it but if you do try adding attribution (just the fusion file) Im also glad to hear about anything you build with this happy building


i just did a video with more details on this keyboard and the build process

i also inserted a numberrow at the top and moved everything else down one row as tap and hold modifiers now work very nice.

I updated the firmware config a and cleaned up some parts so i recommend using the new firmware folder as an example config.

UPDATE version 3:

The wSplit now has vial support source is available in my fork for now


version 2

version 1